William Paton Visiting Fellows

  • Professor Chad Meister, Bethel College, USA (2015)
  • Professor Dilipkumar Mohanta, University of Calcutta (2015)
  • Dr Nick Trakakis, Australian Catholic University, Australia (2014)
  • Dr Shalini Sinha, SOAS, University of London (2013)
  • Dr Elena Kalmykova, University of Uppsala, Sweden (2013) 
  • Professor Oliver Leaman, University of Kentucky, USA (2013)

Visiting scholars

  • Professor John Bishop, University of Auckland, New Zealand (2012)
  • Professor Zhicheng Wang, Zhejiang University, China (2011)

Doctoral researchers


  • Abbas Ahsan (Islamic analytic theology)
  • Han Jen Chang (The evidential problem of evil and skeptical theism)
  • Brent Constantine (the modal cosmological argument)
  • John Edge (God's knowledge of the human condition)
  • Randy Everist (Divine causation)
  • Luke Fox (Kierkegaard and religious diversity)
  • Michael Fox (Aesthetics and theology)
  • Simo Frestadius (Theological epistemology)
  • Gary Hall (Thomas Merton)
  • Soufiane Hamri (Ontological and cosmological reasoning)
  • Luke Henderson (Free will and heaven)
  • Kristi Mair (Religious epistemology)
  • Chase Montague (An apophatic approach to the problem of evil)
  • Marshall Naylor (Maximal God)
  • Dre Rusavuk (Rationality, freedom and divine goodness)
  • Shivanand Sharma (Bhedābheda Vedānta and the problem of consciousness)
  • Stephen Torr (Evil and suffering)
  • Kevin Vandergriff (The intrinsic probability of theism and naturalism)
  • Ben Whittington (Free will and nonreductive physicalism)
  • Wai Yip Wong (Religious pluralism)