PGR Catchment Science Summer School



Dates: August 28- September 2, 2022
Location: University of Birmingham

Dear Colleague: 
I am delighted to advertise the 13th Annual Catchment Science Summer School.

The course will be run in person from Aug 28-Sep 2, 2022. It is designed for PhD students and postdocs in catchment science. The course is taught by me, Dr. Chris Soulsby, Dr. Jan Seibert, Dr. Ilja van Meerveld, Dr. David Hannah, Dr. Stefan Krause and Dr. Dorthe Tetzlaff. It is co-hosted by the University of Birmingham and the University of Aberdeen, University of Zurich, TU Berlin and the Global Institute for Water Security.

Course instructors bring a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge from a variety of universities with water programs. This course is an excellent opportunity for professional networking and planning next-steps in your career.

Jeff McDonnell   (University of Saskatchewan and University of Birmingham)

Course Overview 

The Catchment Science Summer School is a 5-day short course that is intended for post-graduate students and post-docs interested in a hands-on catchment science curriculum, focusing on northern catchments, runoff processes and combined hydrometric, isotope/chemical tracer and modeling techniques in catchment hydrology. The learning objectives for this short course are to understand:

  • Rainfall-runoff processes
  • Rainfall-runoff model development, use, and testing
  • Hydrochemical and isotopic measurement and analyses
  • Linking field experiments with modeling approaches
  • Evolution of empirical and theoretical understanding of runoff processes
  • Landscape analysis, land-use and climate change impacts on streamflow 

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