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In the Department of Economics within Birmingham Business School, we emphasise Responsible Economics. Every decision we make, as individuals and right up to the level of global business and government, is based on scarcity and choice. The world has limited resources – and they’re becoming more limited every day. As ‘responsible economists’ we must ensure those resources are used strategically and fairly to make people and society as a whole better off.

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Distinguin, I, Lepetit, L, Strobel, F & Tran, PHH 2023, 'Bondholder representatives on bank boards: a device for market discipline', Economic Inquiry.

Pham, T, Nguyen, T, Nguyen, K & Nguyen, H 2023, 'Does planned innovation promote financial access? Evidence from Vietnamese SMEs', Eurasian Business Review: a journal in industrial organization, innovation and management science.

Fan, R, Talavera, O & Tran, V 2023, 'Information flows and the law of one price', International Review of Financial Analysis, vol. 85, 102466.

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