The Department of Economics at Birmingham has a long and distinguished history of research, with important advances in mathematical economics and econometrics being made here.

Members of the department are active in research in a broad range of topics in Economics. We actively collaborate with researchers in other schools of the university (including the Business School, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Public Policy and Public Health) and with economists in other universities in the UK (including Warwick, Nottingham, York) and in other countries (USA, France, India to name a few).

Research Groups

Research within the department is organised into a number of research groups:

The Birmingham Experimental Economics Laboratory

The Birmingham Experimental Economics Laboratory (BEEL) conducts research into how people make their decisions to help better understand market choice and behaviour and how this impacts society.

The aim of BEEL is to improve individual and collective decision making, for example looking at how reputation affects trade between two unknown parties, how people learn from past experiences and how emotions affect contributions to public goods and effect social norms.

Find out more about The Birmingham Experimental Economics Laboratory.

Research Funding

The Department of Economics have recently obtained research funding from numerous funding bodies including:

  • the British Academy,
  • the Department of Education and Skills,
  • the Economic and Social Research Council,
  • the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council,
  • the European Union,
  • the Leverhulme Trust
  • the World Bank.

Three Minute Thesis Final

Marea Sing was the runner-up in the 2013 Birmingham Three Minute Thesis, where she  delivered her three-minute presentation explaining her PhD research on structural change, economic development and macroeconomic policy.