Trade, Environment, Development and Energy (TEDE) Research Group

The Trade, Environment, Development and Energy (TEDE) Research Group is primarily an applied economics and econometrics and applied theory group that does research at the intersection between the four related research areas of international economics, development economics, environmental economics and energy economics.

We also encourage interdisciplinary research that encompasses environmental science, development studies, engineering, international business, computer science, regional studies, human geography, international political economy and area studies.

Specific topics include trade and the environment, energy systems, natural disasters, African development, labour share, institutional economics, the global value chain, the Chinese and Indian economies, the exporting and importing behaviour of firms, spatial econometrics, economics of climate change, the environmental behaviour of firms and much more.

The TEDE group also works closely with the University of Birmingham - VU Amsterdam Big Data and Economics Research Network (BVRN). The BVRN is a network of academics at the University of Birmingham (UoB) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) undertaking data-driven economic analyses of urban, environment, labour and migration-related topics. The BVRN is co-led by Ceren Ozgen from the TEDE group and Hans Koster from VU. Find out more on the BVRN website.

People in the TEDE Research Group 

Professor David Maddison (co-lead)
Research Interests: Agricultural economics, climate change, environmental valuation, natural resource economics.

Dr Wanyu Chung  (co-lead)
Research Interests: International Trade, International Economics, International Macroeconomics

Dr Gunes Bebek
Research Interests: Empirical international trade, trade and development, regional economics.

Dr Allan Beltran
Research Interests: Environmental valuation, the economics of flooding, the economics of climate change in Latin America, climate change and adaptation, environmental fiscal reform.

Dr Sami Bensassi
Research Interests: International Trade and International Security, smuggling/informal trade, institutions and development, return migration.

Dr Apurav Yash Bhatiya
Research Interests: Political economy, development economics and labour economics.

Dr Nana O Bonsu
Research Interests: Net-zero emissions, climate change and transition to electric vehicles, global value chains management & circular economy, sustainable development concerns & social innovation, sustainability & responsible business practices, sustainable cities, transportation & ambient air pollution, natural resources conflicts & management, sustainable forest management & land-use planning, biodiversity & conservation management.

Professor Matthew Cole
Research Interests: Environmental economics, development economics, international economics.

Dr Christian Darko
Research Interests: Labour economics, economics of education.

Professor Robert Elliott
Research Interests: Applied research in any areas of international economics, development economics, environmental and energy economics and international business with a particular interest in the Chinese economy, firm behaviour, natural disasters and the impact of globalisation on the environment.

Dr Francesco Esposito
Research Interests: Labour economics, political economy.

Dr Panagiotis Fouskas
Research Interests: Applied Industrial economics, productivity and competiveness, applied labour economics, well-being and quality of life.

Dr Mike Henry
Research Interests: Empirical analyses of productivity and labour market, effects of trade and investment, liberalisation in developed and developing countries.

Professor Anthony Heyes
Research Interests: Environmental policies and regulations, the impacts of climate and pollution on human well-being, corporate social responsibility.

Dr Liza Jabbour
Research Interests: Business School Group, managerial economics.

Mr Bowen Liu
Research Interests: Environmental economics, development economics, health economics, political economics.

Dr Johannes Lohse
Research Interests: Public economics, environmental economics, behavioral economics.

Dr Sharin McDowall-Emefiele
Research Interests: Applied Development Economics and Finance; and Application of Institutional Theory in both Entrepreneurship and International Business.

Eric Melander
Research Interests: Quantitative economics history

Dr Livia Menezes
Research Interests: Economics of crime, economics of education, health economics, labour economics.

Dr Ceren Ozgen
Research Interests: Labour economics: Labour market impacts of international migration and cultural diversity, overeducation and skills mismatch, innovation, human capital and knowledge spillovers, economics of population, migration policy.

Dr Edward Pinchbeck
Research Interests: Health, urban and spatial economics, behavioural economics.

Professor James Rockey
Research Interests: Political Economy and Inequality

Professor Eric Strobl
Research Interests: Applied development economics, international economics, envrionmental economics, labour economics.

Dr Liyun Zhang
Research Interests: International economics and environmental economics.

There are clear synergies between the TEDE research group and the BCEEEM research cluster at Birmingham Business School. At the University we have a link to the Birmingham Energy and Policy Research (BEPRI) and the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BiFor).

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