Birmingham Experimental Economics Laboratory (BEEL)

The Birmingham Experimental Economics Laboratory (BEEL) is based in the Business School at the University of Birmingham. Experiments conducted at BEEL focus on research into individual and strategic decision making.

Volunteer to participate

At BEEL we conduct research into how people make decisions. For that we require the participation of volunteers. No special skills or prior knowledge are required, and most participants will receive a reward (normally cash).

Internal members

Group Director: Michalis Drouvelis
Research Interests: Behavioural Economics, Cooperation, Emotions, Altruism, Bargaining, Charitable giving, Social preferences, Leadership

Group Co-Director: Johannes Lohse
Research Interests: Lab Experiments, Cooperation, Charitable Giving, Climate Change, Decision Processes, Social Norms, Information

Amalia Di Girolamo
Research Interests: Altruism, Risk Taking, Social Preferences, Children, Education, Field Experiments

Rebecca McDonald
Research Interests: Value of non-market goods, Online privacy, Behavioural information economics, Intertemporal choice, Health

Zhihua Li
Research Interests: Behavioural Decision Making

Danae Arroyos-Calvera
Research Interests: Altruism, Social preferences, Value of life, Intertemporal choice, Information

Federica D'Isanto
Research Interests: Education, Games, Gender

Paola Paiardini
Research Interests: Experimental Finance, Information 

Anett John
Research Interests: Development Economics, Behavioural Economics, Time Preferences, Health, Unemployment 

Edward Pinchbeck
Research Interests: Urban Economics, Environmental Economics, Health Economics, Economic History

Apurav Bhatiya
Research Interests: Experimental economics and political economy

Sebastian Cortes Corales
Research interests: Social and economic networks from a theoretical and experimental perspective

Konstantinos Ioannidis
Research interests: Behavioral Economics Experimental Economics Game Theory