National Civic Impact Accelerator

The programme, funded by Research England, part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), will create collaboration and policy and practice innovation involving universities, local government and business groups, and the community sector to drive place-based transformations.

The National Civic Impact Accelerator's (NCIA) vision is to increase the connectivity, momentum, and effectiveness of the HE sector’s civic activities for local societal, economic, and environmental benefit and maximise the contribution universities can make towards addressing societal challenges and responding to policy priorities.

The University of Birmingham’s City-REDI and its WMREDI programme is a leading voice in the national civic university movement, focusing on how universities can support inclusive economic growth. Our work will focus on the economic impact of universities on place.


Research England


We will do this by:

  • Rapidly prioritising, generating and mobilising intelligence about place-based working
  • Unlocking leadership potential and building capacity for more effective civic engagement, within and outside the HE sector
  • Driving innovative practice, scaling up effective partnership working and developing shared frameworks for practical action.


Press Releases

Sheffield Hallam University Press Release

Information for Policy Makers

The work will help national and local policy makers understand the role and impact of universities as drivers of place based inclusive growth.

It will help university decision makers understand how they can implement the civic agenda.

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Find out more about the NCIA project on the main website. 

Contact Details

Project lead contact details:

Associate Professor Rebecca Riley, City-REDI/WMREDI, University of Birmingham

Project Support contact details:

 Dr Sara Hassan, Research Fellow, City-REDI/WMREDI, University of Birmingham.