City-REDI sees the generation of new ideas as essential for creative, successful and resilient regions. Diversity, variety and innovation, in firms, in public sector organisations, in regional economies are driven by new ideas.

We are working together with the public and private sector to explore new ways of innovating to ensure that local excellence in discovery translates into industrial and commercial applications which increase productivity through wider adoption. We need to get better at turning exciting ideas into strong commercial products and services; and innovations in public sector delivery. We are developing new tools to understand impact pathways for ideas and innovations and the way they can improve productivity, or reduce the burden on the public sector through better wellbeing outcomes. We are looking at ways in which government and the private sector can increase investment in research and development (R&D) and select and promote the right projects to achieve the greatest impact for people, businesses, localities, regions and countries.

Research projects

Commercialisation: Bridging the University-Industry Gap

The commercialisation project aims to understand the role social sciences can play in bridging the divide between technology and research developed in universities, and market opportunities where value will be added.

Developing a Strategy for Economic Resilience in the West Midlands Combined Authority: The Role of Skills and Industrial Structure

The project aims to understand what factors can affect regional resilience. This will inform policymaking in improving the capacity of localities to adapt to negative shocks in the future.

The Realities, Challenges and Strengths of the External Funding Environment at LEP Level

This project investigates LEPs and their partners' experiences of securing funding, seeking to shed light on the challenges they face as well as the strengths of their approaches.

Local Institutions, Productivity, Sustainability and Inclusivity Trade-offs (LIPSIT)

The LIPSIT project will investigate the role local institutions have in managing the trade-offs that emerge when trying to grow regional economies in an inclusive and sustainable way.

National Civic Impact Accelerator

This programme is a leading voice in the national civic university movement, focusing on how universities can support inclusive economic growth. Our work will focus on the economic impact of universities on place.

Productivity and Prosperity: Inclusive Growth for the West Midlands

At the heart of this project is the "productivity puzzle" and the magnitude of the issue facing the "problem regions".

Skills and Productivity Commission – Business and Professional Services Sector Deep Dive

This research was commissioned by the West Midlands Combined Authority for the Skills and Productivity Commission, as part of developing a local Industrial Strategy.

The Midlands Engine Economic Observatory

The Midlands Engine Economic Observatory has been created to deliver an Independent Economic Review of the Midlands as well as a sector assessment of the potential impact of Brexit for the region.
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