City-REDI looks at the role of infrastructure as an essential component of place-based growth and prosperity. Infrastructure investment is one of the most significant ways governments and local public sector stakeholders can influence the economy. But it is by its nature, large scale and long term. It needs consistent and stable policies, which in turn need consistent and stable government at the national and local levels.

We look at transport, housing, energy, communications and digital networks, as part of an integrated system, strongly influencing how and how well regions grow. Therefore it is vital that investment of this scale is grounded in evidence and approached holistically, across all kinds of infrastructure, at the right geographical level. We seek to understand how combinations of people, technologies and markets attract investment in infrastructure. We are also developing tools and methodologies to help design and develop the right infrastructure in the right places, to boost the potential of people, communities and businesses.

Good infrastructure does not just improve regional economic efficiency, it improves people’s lives and life chances. From high quality housing, access to education and employment, clean and affordable energy, clean safe air, reduced crime and better mental health and well-being outcomes.

Research projects

The Realities, Challenges and Strengths of the External Funding Environment at LEP Level

This project investigates LEPs and their partners' experiences of securing funding, seeking to shed light on the challenges they face as well as the strengths of their approaches.

Developing an Innovative and Collaborative Approach to Localised Industrial Strategy Delivery for the West Midlands

The aim of this project is to test the potential of the compete model, built by PA Consulting and used internationally to help define Manufacturing and Service sector strategies for a rapidly changing economy.

Local Wealth Building in Birmingham and Beyond: A New Economic Mainstream

Local Wealth Building is a new approach to economic development that provides a practical framework for generating and spreading wealth within communities.

Socio-Economic Impact Model for the UK: SEIM-UK

SEIM-UK is a UK Multi-regional Input-Output model being developed by City-REDI to provide detailed sector and place-sensitive economic analyses.

The Midlands Engine Economic Observatory

The Midlands Engine Economic Observatory has been created to deliver an Independent Economic Review of the Midlands as well as a sector assessment of the potential impact of Brexit for the region.

The Urban Living Birmingham Project

The Urban Living Birmingham project was awarded in May 2016 following a successful bid to the Urban Living Partnership call for pilot projects.

Wolverhampton Economic Assessment

The Wolverhampton Economic assessment draws together an array of data and information to understand the key issues for the Wolverhampton economy and to inform a response to the key issues which exist.
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