Business Support in the West Midlands

This project aims to provide a better understanding of the role universities play in the provision of business support and more detailed understanding of the scale and scope of business support at the West Midlands regional level. 

There are three strands to the programme of research:

  • Literature review following a systematic review methodology
  • Mapping of provision in the region drawing on consultations with key stakeholders and analysis of information in the public domain
  • Case studies of specific interventions capable of generating good practices and insights into modelling impacts.

The project has links with other projects being undertaken by members of WM REDI collaboration including for example commercialisation and support for innovation being led by Dr Chloe Billing and targeted support for ethic minority businesses being led by Professor Monder Ram within the region. 


Research Theme 2

Firms and Industrial Demography 


The project has six objectives:

  1. To be able to comment on trends in the provision of business support internationally including identification of potential good practices.
  2. To be able to describes trends in the involvement of universities in providing business support.
  3. To have a better understanding the scale and scope of business support in the West Midlands.
  4. To be able describe the range of activities and scale and support provided by universities in the West Midlands.
  5. To identify good practices, capture and disseminate learning of university provision of support to business.
  6. To inform how the impact of university support for business can be modelled.

Lifting the Lid on Enterprise Diversity & Growth in the West Midlands

Lifting the Lid on Enterprise Diversity & Growth in the West Midlands

A WMREDI, Enterprise Research Centre and Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship project. 

The project aims to collect and analyse data on business creation of ethnic minorities in the West Midlands to add to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) dataset. This will generate data to support evidence based policy making on minority enterprise and inclusive. 

Contact details

Project lead contact details: 

George Bramley

Project Support contact details: 

Matthew Patterson, Administrative Assistant, City-REDI / WM REDI 


Directory of University Business Support Interventions
April 2022 - George Bramley, Samantha Lithgow, Juliane Schwarz and Freya Williams

Pivot and Prosper Evaluation Report
June 2021 - George Bramley, Alice Pugh and Juliane Schwartz


Growth Hubs as an Intermediary of University Business Support: The Case of Coventry University Services Ltd
Freya Williams, City-REDI Blog December 2021 

Business Support: Referrals to Regional Universities by the GBSLEP Growth Hub
Freya Williams, Alice Pugh and Juliane Schwarz, City-REDI Blog, October 2021

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