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Megatrends in the West Midlands

Megatrends are trends that could have significant economic consequences and scarring effects for vulnerable groups and places as a result of impacts on human, social, physical and natural capital.

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REDI-Update 4th Edition

REDI-Updates provides expert data insights and clear policy guidance for levelling up the UK. This issue focusses on the cost-of-living crisis. 

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State of the Region 2021

The fifth annual review of performance across the West Midlands provides a stocktake of where the region stands, and where partners need to work together to improve the region.

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The Economic and Social Impacts of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the West Midlands

Our researchers are using their expertise to analyse the West Midlands’ economic exposure to coronavirus, bringing together data and intelligence which can be shared and utilised in planning and responding to this challenge.

The social and economic impacts of Covid-19

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