REDI-Updates: Cost-of-living crisis - The impact of the crisis and the supply-side failures driving it

Welcome to the latest edition of REDI-Updates – providing expert data insights and clear policy guidance for the cost-of-living crisis. 

In previous editions we looked at the challenges and opportunities of inclusive growth, the impact of Covid on the UK and the long road to recovery and the challenge of implementing, undestanding and measuring levelling up. In this edition of REDI-Updates the West Midlands Regional Economic Development Institute (WMREDI) team focuses on the cost of living crisis. 

We investigate what factors are contributing to the cost-of-living crisis and the impact it is having on households, businesses, public services and the third sector. We also look at how the crisis in the UK compares internationally. 

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The Impact of the Cost-Of-Living on Households, City-REDI Blog, Alice Pugh, October 2023

Impact of Rising Prices on Business Operations, City-REDI Blog, Alice Pugh, September 2023

The Impact of Rising Prices on Businesses, City-REDI Blog, Dr Chloe Billings, September 2023

How Does the Cost-of-Living Crisis Compare Internationally?, City-REDI Blog Dr Kostas Kollydas, Paul Vallance, September 2023

What is the Cost-of-living Crisis?, City-REDI Blog, Dr Matt Lyons, July 2023

Drivers of Inflation, City-REDI Blog, Alice Pugh, July 2023

Cost-Of-Living Crisis – The Impact of the Crisis and the Supply-Side Failures Driving It, City-REDI Blog, Professor Simon Collinson, Alice Pugh, July 2023



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