University Incubator: Comparative Analysis, Pathways to Impact and Relative Regional Effects

Universities play a unique role in business startup support. They not only finance incubators to support startups and contribute to their survival and growth, but these incubators are also managed by the university alongside spin-outs with other local businesses. 

In addition, university funding seems to be highly significant for some regions (North East of England, Wales and the West Midlands) and some sectors (Agritech, Transport, Space & Satellite). 

This project investigates university incubators and, as part of a wider regional innovation system, how they facilitate economic development and growth by developing comparative indicators to measure impact and gain insights into the pathways of how this is done.  


Research Theme 3

Regional Innovation Ecosystem


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Project lead contact details: 

Dr Juliane Schwarz

Project Support contact details: 

Matthew Patterson, Administrative Assistant, City-REDI / WMREDI 

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