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The University of Birmingham is home to one of the most dynamic and best-equipped Chemistry departments in the UK.  Our state-of-the-art teaching laboratories are run by an innovative and award-winning teaching team.

In 2023, the School of Chemistry will move into the new  Molecular Sciences building. This is currently the largest building project on campus and will house world-leading research laboratories alongside purpose-built working spaces for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Latest news

29 March 2019

Wonderful spring term with WISE

WISE had a busy term with expanding its outreach program and hosting its WISE Inspire events, there wasn't a dull moment for their members. The committee tells us more.

21 January 2019

Controlling climate change

Writing for the University of Birmingham's Perspective, Emeritus Professor of Physical Chemistry Richard P Tuckett recently made the case for controlling climate change to avoid a global migration challenge.

21 December 2018

A collaborative semester with SATNAV

Science and Technology News and Views (SATNAV) Magazine had a busy term working introducing workshops to promote close collaboration with writers. The committee tells us more about this and the new issue.

21 December 2018

Annual Conference and other adventures with oSTEM

oSTEM is going from strength to strength by not just engaging its members with a range of events, but by actively representing them in the international oSTEM community! Society Chair Avery Cunningham tells us more.

21 December 2018

A promising first term for the Birmingham Energy Society!

It has been an exciting term for the newly formed Birmingham Energy Society: hosting a number of talks from speakers like Professor Martin Freer and Dr Sam Stranks as well as informal socials to allow members to relax.

21 December 2018

Outstanding semester with ChemSoc

ChemSoc has kept a busy calendar this term getting more involved in sports, organising socials, keeping up with their charity work and preparing for the next term. Nadia Farag ChemSoc Secretary shares more with us.

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