World-leading research

You will be taught by leading academics, who investigate some of the most important issues on the planet today. Their research informs their teaching, and as a fourth year MSci student you will perform a novel research project in their groups. Here they discuss some of the cutting-edge research they do on sustainable materials, energy, recycling, drug resistance and speeding up detection of disease

Advanced materials

Why Chemistry: Advanced Materials
  • Creating advanced materials using the principles of nature to improve healthcare solutions and energy storage.
  • Improving the sustainability and reducing the ecological impact of everyday materials.
  • Making materials from molecular and nanoscale building blocks which have very specific properties.

Battery technology

Why chemistry: battery technologies
  • Developing ways to replace and recycle critical elements.
  • Establishing a Lithium-ion battery recycling centre in the UK.
  • Improving battery lifetimes, effectiveness and efficiency to support the development of new technologies, from phones to electric cars.

Medical Diagnosis

Why chemistry: medical diagnosis
  • Creating technologies to facilitate personalised healthcare.
  • Developing nanotechnologies to allow quicker and earlier diagnosis of diseases.
  • Moving testing from laboratories into doctor’s surgeries to streamline diagnosis.

Tackling Disease

Why chemistry: tackling disease
  • Developing molecular scale diagnostics to improve early cancer detection.
  • Discovering new drug molecules and identifying how they fight disease.
  • Overcoming drug resistance for diseases such as tuberculosis.