EMMA: Testimonials

We are living an exciting period in science nowadays, were science meets people outside the lab. One of our main aims in EMMA has been to get our project to professionals working in the field of advertising, visual arts and marketing, as well as lay people interested in the secret power of words and images. What did they say about EMMA?

Anthony TattumBig Cat Managing Marketing Agency DirectorPhoto of Anthony Tattum
The benefit to industry is tangible: Big Cat will be able to better assess and understand audiences’ responses, leading to the creation of more effective, impactful, and ethical communication and advertising strategies.

Bob Roopra, from Roopra Medtech ConsultingPhoto of Bob Roopra
What particularly adds value in the first instance is the understanding the metaphors and metonyms add a surprise difference, in a digital age a company can appear any size by the power of its vocabulary and stories, I have used this to enable small start up companies to appear larger than they actually are, which in the medical technology space is a major benefit, when raising funds or attracting first customers. Using this approach enables them to share there ability and thought processes in the same way as multinationals.

Laura Footes, ArtistPhoto of Laura Footes
I took away lots of interesting ideas of how could I improve my own practice as a visual artist, using visual metaphors in strategic ways to harness emotional reactions of my audience. How the title works could stimulate psychological change and perception of the image.

Michael de Groot, Staying Alive UKPhoto of Michael de Groot
I was blown away with the professionalism of exploring how we can communicate better in business to promote our products and services and be remembered by the audience for longer and in a more comprehensive way.  In my business I assist clients in storytelling using a medium called 'Whiteboard Animation', short stories in video format to help potential clients become interested in their products and services. My approach to developing storylines, scripts and directing my illustrator for us to create these stories has been greatly assisted by what I've learnt through the presentations and workshops that I attended.

Sophie O'Neill, Marketing Executive at University of Birmingham Sport)Photo of Sophie O'Neill
I attended the conference you ran a couple of weeks ago – I absolutely loved it! Such an inspiring and interesting day. Made me want to do a masters!

Anonymous feedback left at our 2016 European Researchers Night stand:science-is-wonderful flyer
This was very interesting! I’ve had neuromarketing and online psychology at school, and we never learnt this! Thank you for a great experience!

olivia2019Olivia, BA English Literature student:
"Having been taught the fundamentals of metaphor in school, I came to university thinking I knew everything about them. But metaphor is everywhere, from the more obvious ‘All the world’s a stage’ to our basic concepts of time, money and life. During the five weeks of the Undergraduate Research Scholarship (UGRS), I worked on three different studies as part of the EMMA project. Overall, working on the project during the scholarship has given me an insight into the world of academia that an undergraduate degree would never normally allow me, and I am very grateful to have been able to take part."


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