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An internationally renowned research institution based in the heart of Shakespeare's beautiful Stratford-upon-Avon established in 1951 to push the boundaries of knowledge about Shakespeare studies and Renaissance drama. Study in Stratford-upon-Avon or online.


01 February 2016

How Shakespeare has inspired freedom movements

The British Council have recently released a short film of Professor Ewan Fernie talking about work on the topic of Shakespeare and freedom as well as why it's a great time to study Shakespeare in the UK.

11 December 2014

Research pioneers: Michael Dobson

Professor Michael Dobson features in the latest edition of Buzz dedicated to research being undertaken at the University.

25 June 2014

Shakespeare Unbard: a performance

Students from our Shakespeare and Creativity MA programme present Shakespeare Unbard - a performance which explores how societies over time have celebrated Shakespeare.

15 July 2013

Creative Minds at Birmingham

The School of English, Drama and American & Canadian Studies Writers and Artists Distinguished Speaker Series.

26 March 2013

Birmingham Heroes: Ewan Fernie

Professor Ewan Fernie discusses teaching and learning in the new postgraduate programmes in Shakespeare and Creativity and the extraordinary creative environments of Stratford-upon-Avon and Birmingham.

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Everything to Everybody

A collaboration with Birmingham City Council will revive the fortunes of the Birmingham Shakespeare Memorial Library