Research Groups and Networks

The Biosocial Research Network

The Biosocial Research Network invites researchers from across domains who are interested in the intersections of the biological, social, cultural and political.

The Caroline Benn Society

The Caroline Benn Society has been set up to promote research into the modern history of a common education so as to foster greater awareness of what we can learn and take forward from Caroline’s scholarship and social action to promote a more fair education system.

Language and Cognition at Birmingham (LACAB)

Language and Cognition at Birmingham (LACAB) is a network of researchers working on a wide variety of aspects of language and cognition at the University of Birmingham

Literacy Network

The School of Education hosts a number of staff who research and teach on the topic of literacy and language development, and education.

The MOSAIC Group for Research on Multilingualism

This group was established to provide a forum for the development of new, interdisciplinary lines of enquiry related to bilingualism/multilingualism, multilingual literacy, bilingual education, second language learning and contemporary discourses about linguistic and cultural diversity.

Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education is a branch of philosophy focusing on conceptual and normative questions raised by educational policy and practice. 

Research in the School of Education