After graduation and employability - Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

As one of our Mechanical Engineering students, a huge and exciting array of career opportunities will be open to you when you graduate – both at home and abroad.

You could pursue a career in one of the major manufacturing industries (the UK has the sixth largest manufacturing base in the world); or you could work in other areas of science and technology, such as sustainable energy.

Other areas that favour the problem-solving skills you will acquire are finance, law and marketing as well as teaching and/or research.

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The Mechanical Engineering programmes are accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. An accredited degree means that graduates are deemed to have met, part or all, of the academic requirements for registration as a Chartered Engineer, and are in a strong position to move on to achieve professional engineering status after a period of initial professional development in industry.

The MEng degrees fully meets the exemplifying academic benchmark requirements for registration as a Chartered Engineer. The BEng will meet, in part, the exemplifying academic benchmark requirements for registration as a Chartered Engineer and graduates will need to complete an approved format of further learning.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a voluntary activity initiated by an institution that requires a rigourous self-evaluation and an independent, objective appraisal of the overall educational quality by third parties. Accreditation emphasises quality assurance and a commitment to continuous quality enhancement.