Experience in industry

Mechanical Engineering with an Industrial Year

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Year (MEng) to enable any student on the MEng programmes to experience a 12 month period in industry. If you have not applied for this  programme through UCAS it is possible to switch onto this programme either after your 2nd or 3rd years (MEng only); your degree title will change to ‘Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Year’ even if you are originally registered on the Mechanical Engineering (Automotive) programme. For non-EU students it is advisable to register on this programme before you come to the UK so that your visa can cover the complete period of the programme.

Students are able to spend a year working in industry, during which time they will have the opportunity to develop vital workplace skills. These can range from specific engineering techniques to project and workforce management.

When can I do the placement?

Students can spend their year on an industrial or industrially-related placement either after the second or third year of study as an Undergraduate.

Whose responsibility is it to find a placement?

It is the student’s responsibility to find a placement.  Typically they will have to pass the interview process run by the company with which they are seeking a placement.  If the student cannot find a placement or are unsuccessful during the recruitment process, then they will revert to the MEng Mechanical Engineering programme (H301). 

What am I required to do to be awarded the Degree in Mechanical Engineering with an Industrial Year?

You need to be in full time employment for a minimum of 45 weeks. The placement must provide training either formal or experiential which will result in additional skills and knowledge which add value to the overall experience.

The tasks undertaken by the student should be relevant to the education of an engineer and usually a mentor within the company is asked to oversee the general progress and development of the student during the year.

During the placement you will be required to undertake a project either as an individual or as part of a team. This will be for a minimum of 240 hours. This project will then form the basis of a 4000 word report and a 30 minute technical presentation both of which are assessed by a member of the academic staff from the Department.

A training log should also be maintained and quarterly validated training records submitted to the academic tutor. This will secure recognition by the appropriate learned Institution and should count towards professional development requirements for chartered status.

The company will also provide its own report on you in a structured pro-forma.

Does the Department of Mechanical Engineering offer any support finding a placement and during the placement year?

Our Industrial Liaison Tutor and dedicated internships officer will be able to advise students about the application procedures. Numerous support mechanisms are also provided throughout the academic year. These include a series of industrial lectures, given by a range of employers throughout the year that provide networking opportunities as well as application form and assessment centre workshops (e.g. given by BP).

During the placement year, a member of staff (usually your personal tutor) will make at least two visits to you at your workplace. This will be to monitor your progress and assist you to meet the assessment criteria of the placement module. A full set of student notes is supplied setting out information on all the module requirements.


For fee information on taking a year in industry please see our ‘Fees and funding’ page. 

What are the benefits?

The benefits are:

  • A degree that states clearly that you have had industrial experience
  • Training and development monitored in the workplace to maximise the experience
  • Training recognised to count towards professional requirements for Chartered Engineer status
  • Evidence to future employers of relevant and structured industrial experience

Does the Degree conflict with any other scheme?

This programme is designed to complement and accommodate structured schemes like the ‘Year in Industry’ and no difficulties have been experienced over many years of operation. If you are part of a company sponsored scheme you are still eligible to be registered on the degree.

How do I apply?

Please contact : Dr Carl Anthony
Industrial Liaison Tutor
Tel: +44(0) 121 414 4230 
Email: c.j.anthony@bham.ac.uk