Undergraduate degrees

Our programmes explore some of the world’s most pressing development problems, from poverty and inequality, to migration, conflict and climate change.

In our increasingly globalised world, these problems are growing in complexity and significance. The Sustainable Development Goals aim to tackle these challenges by 2030, but this will require global effort, co-ordination and vision. 

A pathway to a career in international development

Globally, a huge range of organisations are working for inclusive development, opening up a variety of opportunities to pursue a career in the sector. This includes international agencies such as the United Nations, national aid agencies like the UK’s Department for International Development, and local civil society organisations operating all over the world.

Our degrees are designed to provide the knowledge and skills these kinds of employers value - from critical thinking and problem-solving, to practical experience of frameworks for designing, monitoring and evaluating development.

What to expect from your degree

  • Knowledge and understanding of key global challenges.
  • Working in Development module, with a study visit to a low- or middle-income country included.
  • Opportunity to take the Professional Development module.
  • Teaching by world-class academics engaged in cutting-edge research on a range of global challenges and impacting international policies and debates in their field.
  • An enquiry-based learning approach, designed to develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills essential for working in development.
  • All students who select an International Development course have the opportunity to go on a Study Tour covered by tuition fees. 

Undergraduate Degrees