Leadership, Reform and Thinking and Working Politically

Kigali, Rwanda - August 27, 2013: Woman speaking to women sitting on the ground with her finger in the air.Since its inception, the politics of reform has been a key research area in IDD. 

From Richard Batley’s ground-breaking past research on the changing role of government and public sector delivery to today hosting the global Thinking and Working Politically Community of Practice, IDD’s research is instrumental in shaping scholarly and policy debates on the politics of reform and the role of domestic and external actors in this. Our empirical research spans a number of African, Asian and Latin American countries, and our conceptual work feeds directly into outputs aimed at supporting policy makers and practitioners working on reform programmes.

We host a number of large research programmes with the politics of reform and TWP at their heart, including the Developmental Leadership Program among others. Thematically, our research covers a wide range of areas and sectors, such as anti-corruption, democracy support, tax and telecommunications. Our research is regularly cited by organisations such as DFID, the World Bank, the OECD, DFAT, Oxfam, the Asia Foundation and others, and our experts are in demand as advisors to the UK parliament and a number of government ministries as well as governments and organisations around the world.   

Postgraduate Researchers

Research Projects

Developmental Leadership ProgramDavid Hudson and Claire Mcloughlin, 2019


The political economy of democracy promotion; Nic Cheeseman and Susan Dodsworth, 2017

Institutional Analysis of Public Budgeting and Accounting in Brazil; Richard Batley and Andre Aquino, 2014

Islands of Integrity: Understanding the politics of corruption reduction;  Heather Marquette, Caryn Peiffer and Rosita Armytage

Thinking and Working Politically Community of Practice; Heather Marquette and Brian Lucas


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