2021 Birmingham Asia Forum

Online event - Zoom
Tuesday 1 June 2021 (10:00-16:00)

The 2021 Birmingham Asia Forum is a student-led forum to discuss the most-pressing issues and developments in Asia, a region which has substantially reshaped the current global politics and economic map. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Asian economies will become larger than the rest of the world combined for the first time since the 19th century. Asian countries are also more politically integrated and globally more consequential than before, pushing a dynamic landscape of geo-politics and geoeconomics.

Our theme for this first ever Birmingham Asia Forum is “Understanding Developments Between Asia and the World” and be held with the support of the Asia Research Group at the Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The forum is convened to provide a constructive and deep discussion on the hotly debated topics around the shifting global power to Asia, Asia-United Kingdom relationship, the intense relations between Asian countries with the Western world’s major powers, the developments and challenges of Asia’s economy, progression of democracy and rule of law in Asia, and the state of environmental governance in some Asian countries.

We believe that the 2021 Birmingham Asia Forum will be beneficial as a platform to refresh the knowledge and understanding of Asia, the most fast-paced developing region in the world, particularly for the students in the University of Birmingham and the United Kingdom. Hence, this forum will be open to the public. Birmingham Asia Forum invites prominent government officials, experts, scholars, and the rising & inspiring figures in Asia for two days of panel discussions and sessions on the key issues affecting Asia today. The forum will be divided into four sessions: opening session, politics session, economics session, and social-development session.