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How can we protect academic freedom and build a culture of free speech?

Monday 3rd June 2024
Alan Walters Building G03
Event on academic freedom of speech

Keynote roundtable: Can foreign policy of democratic states arrest the global decline of democracy?

Tuesday 4th June 2024
The Assembly room at The Exchange - 3 Centenary Square
CEDAR hosts keynote roundtable as part of the BISA (British International Studies Association) 2024 Conference.
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Previous Events


6th December - Centrist Anti-Establishment Parties and their Struggle for Survival

5th December - The distribution of specialisation in a more or less inhospitable environment: Specialism and generalism among MPs in the UK House of Commons, 2001-2019

29th November - Democratic Resilience in Latin America: Insights from Argentina, Brazil, and Guatemala

22nd November - State of the Parties: Perspectives on British Party Politics

15th November - Women in Conflicts

6th November - Understanding oscillations in Turkish foreign policy: pathways to unusual middle power activism ( by Mustafa Kutlay and Ziya Öniş.

1st November - Revolutions, counterrevolutions, and (un)making of order in Europe: the case of Ukraine

18th October - Reflections on recent elections in Europe

11th October - Researching Africa/Democracy Day

11th October - BRICS Expansion: Causes and Consequences

10th October - How well does 'resilience' apply to democracy? A systematic review

27th September - Understanding Territorial Withdrawal with Dr. Rob Geist Pinfold

16th June - Is democratic backsliding really happening, and if so what impact has this had on human rights and development?

16th-17th June - Rethinking backsliding: Workshop

13th June - Unintended Consequences of Combating Corruption

9th June - Post-Socialist Subjectivities

31st May - Anticorruption Efforts and Electoral Manipulation in Democracies

25th May - Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP: How political parties persuade voters to support radical ideas

24th May - Ascending Order: Rising Powers and the Politics of Status in International Institutions.

11th May - Migrants in Post-Socialist Britain

25th April - Support for Displaced Ukrainians in the UK - History and Stereotypes

24th April - Subjective and Objective Measurement of Democratic Backsliding

24th March - What Indonesian democracy can teach the world

23rd March - NEW DATE! Voters Under Pressure: Group-Based Cross-Pressure and Electoral Volatility

22nd February - Vampires, Vibrators and Pret-a-Manger: A Story of Big Data

7th February - Antidote to Backsliding: Ethnic Politics and Democratic Resilience


16th November - Roses Down the Barrel of a Gun, Georgia: Love and Revolution

3rd November - Contemporary German literature and theatre: Between cultural production and political interventions (online event)

20th October - Language, Violence, and Peacemaking in Ukraine

12th October - 25 years on from Blair's Babes – what have we learned about women's representation?

12th October - 25 years on from Blair's Babes – what have we learned about women's representation?

4th October - Building sustainable workplaces after the pandemic – the contribution and challenges of carbon zero for business

4th October - Improving social mobility: how should education institutions and employers work together?

4th October - Levelling Up Through Literacy - the power of cross-sector collaboration

28th September - The mother of all presidential elections in (still) democratic Brazil

28th September - The mother of all presidential elections in (still) democratic Brazil

28th September - Ukraine & Russia: between Myths and War

22nd September - What is Eloquence? Why Does It Matter?

21st September - Performing Popular Sovereignty: Populism in Ancient and Modern Politics

6th-21st June - #MeToo in China Exhibition

11th May - The Fault Lines of Inequality: COVID19 and the Politics of Financialization

3rd May - NEW DATE! On a Slippery Slope? Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe

30th March - Heterogeneity and plasticity of the self. Some anthropological reflections

23rd-25th March - Teaching German in a Transcultural World

16th March - Writing Home: A Conversation between Olivia Wenzel and Kaoutar Harchi

9th February - The Ideology of Political Reactionaries

2nd February - Englishness: The Force Transforming British Politics

26th January - The Russia-Ukraine-NATO Triangle: War, Peace and Diplomacy in Europe


8th December - Early GDR literature-avant-garden approaches to theatre in the socialist state: Matthew Hines

1st December - Happy Birthday Niedersachsen

24th November - Annual Fage Lecture: The Time of Letters: Epistolarity and Nigerian Newsprint Cultures, 1920s-1960s

24th November - The COP 26 Summit: Reflections and Future Scenarios

18th November - The Same Old Newness: the Elections in Bulgaria

17th November - Democratic Decay and Authoritarian Resurgence

10th November - 'Intourist' in the Baltics in the 20 century: Marta Starostina

10th November - Special POLSIS Seminar: "Britain after Brexit"

3rd-4th November - Opening a conversation about statelessness, governance, and the problem of citizenship - in the Commonwealth and beyond

13th October - Richard Wagner as Subject of Friedrich Nietzsche's and Theodor W. Adorno's Enlightenments: Imran Hashmi

13th October - Failure of Democracy: Political Threats and Economic Crisis in Interwar Europe

6th October - A Changing of the Guard? The 2021 German Elections

28th September - Post-Truth Politics: Silencing, Violence and Resistance in Public Debate

30th June-2nd July - Shifting Constellations: Germany and Global (Dis)Order

1st June - 2021 Birmingham Asia Forum

21st April - Prospects of Stabilising US-China Relations

10th March - The New Party Challenge: Party Politics in Central and Eastern Europe

4th March - Brexitland

3rd March - IGES Book Panel with Paul Betts - Ruin and Renewal: Civilising Europe after World War II

24th February - New Patterns of Political Competition in Western Europe: Populists vs. Populists

23rd February - IGES/BRIHC Lecture

10th February - The Moral Economy of Elections in Africa: Democracy, Voting and Virtue

28th January - Authors and translators in dialogue: Sandra Hoffmann and Katy Derbyshire

27th January - Germany and Eastern Europe: Birmingham-Utrecht Joint Postgraduate Workshop

27th January - REPRESENT Seminar on Populism with Daniele Albertazzi and Davide Vampa