Prospects of Stabilising US-China Relations

Online event - Zoom
Wednesday 21 April 2021 (17:00-18:00)

Tina Aston (

POLSIS Asia Research Group hosts Professor Susan Shirk, one of America’s top specialists on Chinese politics to speak on contemporary US-China relations.

US-China relations, arguably the most important bilateral relationship in world politics today, has been severely tested over the last four-five years by China’s domestic authoritarianism and external acts of assertiveness and aggression on the one hand, and Donald Trump’s blend of erratic policies and hostile rhetoric and the bipartisan Congressional consensus on the need to respond to China’s perceived threats to US interests on the other hand.

Now that the Joe Biden administration is securely in place, the importance of understanding the direction and prospects of stabilising this defining relationship under the new American Administration cannot be over-emphasised.

POLSIS and its Asia Research Group are honoured to host Professor Susan Shirk, one of America’s most authoritative scholars of Chinese politics, to enlighten us on this highly significant subject.