Asia Research Group

The Asia Research Group comprises researchers from Asia and Europe, working on a range of approaches to the study of the comparative and international politics of the Asia-Pacific Region.

About us

The Asia Research Group meets regularly to discuss key publications in the field; to share experiences of fieldwork; to discuss contemporary issues; to provide a supportive environment for Group members to present their research and receive feedback; and to organise talks, work-shops and conferences involving POLSIS experts as well as external scholars, sometimes in collaboration with the Departmental Seminar series and other research groups


1 June 2021 Birmingham Asia Forum: ‘Understanding Developments Between Asia and the World’ (Student conference). Online. 

21 April 2021 - 'Prospects of Stabilising US-China Relations', talk by Prof. Susan Shirk, Chair of the 21st Century China Center, School of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California, San Diego. Online

26 November 2018 - The Security and Defence Challenges facing Taiwan by Dr. Li-Chiang Yuan (Colonel/PhD, Taipei Representative Office in the UK)

22 June 2018 – Advocacy Networks from Development Discourse to Political Spaces: Lessons from Pacific Asia and Latin America

24 January 2018  - Problematic Sovereignty on China's Periphery: A case study of Taiwan as a 'Contested State'

25 October 2017 - Seminar on the Japanese elections. Julie Gilson examined the Japanese elections in this special seminar.

10 May 2017 - Power Transition in the Asia-Pacific: managing perceptions and trust in the 'Grey Zone'
Tsering Topgyal and Julie Gilson, Asia Research Group, Department of Political Science and International Studies, teamed up with Nicholas Wright, ICCS, to bring together Asia-Pacific specialists from around UK to explore issues of trust and perception in the context of power transition in the Asia-Pacific region.

16 March - Book Launch: China and Tibet: The Perils of Insecurity, Dr. Tsering Topgyal, University of Birmingham

17 March - Dr. Michael C. Clarke, Associate Professor, National Security College, Australian National University
Beijing's "March West": "One Belt, One Road" and China's Quest for Great Power Status

April 2016 - Regular ARG (discuss and give feedback on work)

May 2016 - Regular ARG meeting

June 2016 - Workshop: Ontological Security: theoretical advances and Asian cases

October 2016 - Regular ARG

November 2017 - Asia-related guest speaker for Seminar Series

November 2017 (funding permitting) - Conference on ‘Identity and Foreign Policy in China’s Periphery (Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong)’

February 2018 - Regular ARG


Academic members:

PhD doctoral researchers:

  • Bruno Carvalho
  • Mia Hyun
  • Iulia Mirzac
  • Hana Mosavie
  • Pourya Nabipour
  • Emi Nishihata
  • Pak Pau
  • Yishu Ren
  • Karma Tamang
  • André Vella

More PhD doctoral researcher profiles across the School of Government.

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Asia research group is part of the Department of Political Science and International Studies.