European Studies research group

The European Studies Research Group exists to facilitate discussion and collaboration between researchers focusing on the institutions and policies of the European Union, one or several European countries, and/or the European region and identity. We meet on a regular basis, both as a discussion group that focuses on recent and relevant publications, and on an ad hoc basis to present work-in-progress.

For further information, please contact the group convenors George Kyris and Bruno Carvalho at and


Dr David Bailey 

Protest, critical political economy and contemporary capitalism


Dr Nicholas Barker

armed conflict and international security, conflict management, qualitative research methods and research ethics, particularly in relation to field research in conflict-affected areas.

Nicholas Baker

Dr Karin Bottom

Local governance,  local democracy and the local political / management  interface

Portrait of Karin Bottom

Dr Verena K. Brändle

Digital democracy; social media and politics; European politics; border and migration studies; political communication

Verena K Brändle

Dr Mwita Chacha

politics of regional integration and the consequences of political and economic interdependence on domestic security and conflict

Mwita Chacha

Dr Licia Cianetti

Democracy and institutional change; democratic regression; inclusion and exclusion from policymaking processes; cities and local democracy

Licia Cianetti

Dr Charlotte Galpin

European and national identities; European public sphere and media; Euroscepticism, EU citizenship and social movements; The role of Germany or Britain in Europe; Brexit; Gender and feminist approaches to these topics


Dr Tim Haughton

Contemporary politics of Central and Eastern Europe; Political campaigning; Party politics; Electoral politics

Dr Tim Haughton

Dr Julian Hoerner

interaction of electoral behaviour and political institutions in shaping representation, accountability, and the quality of democracy in Europe; politics and policies of the European Union and the impact of historical legacies on contemporary politics

Julian Hoerner

Dr Deema Kaneff

Resources and Social Change; Postsocialist transformations and global capitalism; Property relations; Markets and moralities; Transnational migration, Social exclusion and inequalities. (Europe, Eastern Europe, Bulgaria and Ukraine)

Dr George Kyris

International conflict, conflict management and resolution; International organisations, especially the European Union; State recognition; Statehood and sovereignty; Secession; unrecognised/ de facto states

George Kyris

Dr Huw Macartney

International or Comparative Political Economy; Banking and financial market governance; Globalisation, and historical materialism. 

Huw McCartney

Dr Julian Pänke 

Comparative foreign policy analysis, German and East Central European politics; EU foreign policy, the impact of history on foreign policy making and specifically how tensions between nation- and empire building shape a state’s external behaviour 

Julian Panke

 Professor Graham Timmins 

External relations and foreign policy role of the European Union with specific reference to EU-Russia and German-Russian relations 

Graham Timmins


 Professor Kataryna Wolczuk 

Politics of Russia and post-Soviet countries; EU’s Eastern policy, Russia’s policy towards the post-Soviet states; Regional integration in the post-Soviet space; Nationalism and national identities (across Europe and Eurasia)


Professor Kataryna Wolczuk

 Professor Stefan Wolff

Ethnic conflict, civil war, post-conflict state-building; Geopolitics and great-power rivalry; Central Asia, South Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Western Balkans, Middle East & North Africa.

Stefan Wolff

 Dr Sotirios Zartaloudis 

European Union politics and policies; Migration in Europe; European politics


Sotirios Zartaloudis

PhD doctoral researchers

Jaroslava Barbieri

Russian foreign policy, Ukrainian politics, De facto states, Conflict studies, Eurasian security, Democratisation in the EU’s Eastern Partnership countries, Disinformation, The political use of history, History of ideas 

Yuxiang Lin

The politics of Central and Eastern Europe, especially Bulgaria 

Hana Mosavie

feminist political economy, decolonisation, power and culture 

Orkhan Naghiyev

European Union Foreign and Security Policy, Europeanisation, Foreign and security policies of Central and Eastern European countries, EU-Russia and EU-Ukraine relations 

Jonathan Pettifer

Norm Contestation and the European Union 

Bruno de Seixas Carvalho

Ontological security, maritime security, and the UK's foreign policy after Brexit

European Studies research group is part of the Department of Political Science and International Studies.