NEW DATE! On a Slippery Slope? Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe

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Tuesday 3 May 2022 (17:00-18:30)

Tim Haughton

Is democracy across Central and Eastern Europe backsliding?



Special POLSIS Seminar jointly organized with Central European University’s Political Science Department and Democracy Institute, the University of Florida and Perspectives on Politics.

What has been driving the process often labelled democratic backsliding, why does it appear to be most marked in Poland and Hungary compared to other countries across the region, and is “backsliding” the best label to use? Moreover, how far is the region as a whole on a slippery slope and what could change the direction of travel? Furthermore, what lessons can be learned from the Hungarian elections and what impact will the war in Ukraine have on democracy in the region? Join three renowned scholars of the region from both sides of the Atlantic for a discussion about the state of democracy across Central and Eastern Europe.


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