Roses Down the Barrel of a Gun, Georgia: Love and Revolution

Room 121 Muirhead Tower Edgbaston Campus University of Birmingham
Wednesday 16 November 2022 (14:00-16:00)

Jo Seaman will give an introduction to the book (titled ‘Roses Down the Barrel of a Gun, Georgia: Love and Revolution’) and make personal reflections on the events leading to Georgia’s Rose Revolution of 2003 and on the importance of soft diplomacy from the perspective of a practitioner.  Her husband, Mike Seaman (former Senior Political Officer at the British Embassy in Georgia), will give observations on political events.


  • Jo Seaman was the British Council Director to Georgia from 2001 – 2005; she worked for the British Council for almost 30 years, firstly in London and Manchester, with short assignments in Africa, Asia and the former Soviet Union. She had postings in Egypt, Georgia, Pakistan and Jamaica before returning to the UK.  Jo is now a writer/researcher and runs a consultancy firm with her husband Mike, which offers training, project management and analysis.  She is the author of 'Roses Down the Barrel of a Gun, Georgia: Love and Revolution'.  She (together with her husband) gives online and in-person presentations on Georgia's Rose Revolution, and on the book, to universities, think tanks and other organisations.
  • Mike Seaman: is a former British diplomat with over twenty years of overseas postings.  These include Bosnia, Afghanistan, Jamaica and Georgia, where Mike was Senior Political Officer with the British Embassy.  Recent training assignments with their consultancy firm include to various Eastern European countries including Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Romania.

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