Levelling Up Through Literacy - the power of cross-sector collaboration

The Exchange
Tuesday 4 October 2022 (13:00-14:00)

Sophie O’Neill
College of Arts and Law
University of Birmingham


Birmingham Stories is a unique literacy campaign, delivered in partnership between University of Birmingham and the National Literacy Trust.

About this event

This pioneering research-led collaboration brings together universities, local government and the third sector, taking coordinated action across Birmingham to deliver arts-based programmes that drive up literacy levels and foster a love of stories.

This talk will explore how cross-sector collaboration can level up educational attainment and employability skills, as well as improve health outcomes and social capital. The panellists will discuss the benefits of taking a place-based approach in a superdiverse city, working with children, young people and adults from a range of backgrounds and experiences.

The event will take place in The Exchange's Assembly Room (3 Centenary Square, Birmingham B1 2DR).

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