Ellen Bomasang

Interrogating inequalities experienced by women of colour in the US international development industry through Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality

Supervisors: David Hudson, Merisa Thompson

Ellen BomasangEllen’s research examines the lived experiences of women of colour who have experienced obstacles to advancement in the international development industry.  The research draws on critical race theory and intersectionality as its theoretical lenses to understand how race intersects with gender, ability, immigration status, age, sexual orientation, and other identities to shape the experiences of women of colour in the workplace.

Research interests:

  • Gender, power, inequality, and equity
  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Inclusive development
  • Climate equity


  • MS Public Policy, Saitama University, 1996
  • BS Economics, University of the Philippines, 1991


Ellen is an international development professional whose focus has been clean energy, climate, and inclusive growth across emerging economies in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East for over 25 years. She started her career in the renewable energy space, concentrating on policy, finance, and rural access issues, and then shifted her focus to gender equality and social inclusion issues in that sector.  She has since led the design and delivery of interventions geared at closing gender gaps in employment and skills, entrepreneurship, access to finance, and livelihoods and enhancing women’s and other historically excluded populations’ skills, and increasing their participation in decision-making.  She is passionate about diversity and inclusion in business and communities and regularly advises organizations on topics relating to gender equality, women’s leadership, and building diverse and respectful workplaces. 

Ellen serves on the board of the Council for Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership and co-leads the Events and Professional Development Committee of the Society of Gender Professionals.


Email: exb225@student.bham.ac.uk