Tafadzwa Kudakwashe Kamidza

The politics of gender in Zimbabwe, 2000-2022: Thokozani Khupe's political ambitions, the case of the MDC youth trio, and the #July31st MovementKudakwashe Kamidza

Supervisors: Nic Cheeseman, Katharina Karcher

Tafadzwa’s PhD research project through nominated cases of Thokozani Khupe's political ambitions, the case of the MDC youth trio, and the #July31st Movement, will examines the intersectionality of gender (patriarchy) stereotyping, political violence, and cohesion, and socially construction political relations in Zimbabwe. This has been motived by continuous experience of political violence, especially towards national election or during intraparty leadership elections. Tafadzwa’s wider research interests include politics of development; civil and political participation; gender, politics and social stratification; masculinity, power and power relations; and social policy and human rights.


  • Master in Human Rights, Peace and Development, Africa University, 2021
  • BSc (Hons) in Women and Gender Studies, Women’s University in Africa, 2017
  • Diploma in Social Work, Women’s University in Africa, 2014


Tafadzwa Kudakwashe is a humanitarian and developmental professional with over nine years of experience in policy analysis, implementation of humanitarian projects and programmes, and civic activism and policy advocacy. He has worked across a range of sectors including social and economic justice, gender, governance, and humanitarian emergencies. In addition, he participated in Social and Economic Justice initiatives as a volunteer for ZIMCODD, Women’s University in Africa, Embassy of Netherlands, and European Access Network (Zimbabwe’s Ambassador in 2013).   

Professionally, Tafadzwa has worked for Zimbabwe’s nongovernmental organisations and research consultancy firms. The organisations include Childline Zimbabwe, HelpAge Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe People for living with HIV, Oxfam Zimbabwe and RRR Research consultancy. His work covered children’s rights protection and promotion, gender mainstreaming, promotion of civic participations of marginalised communities (Women, Children, Rural population, People living with HIV and LGBIQ) in development program, strengthening older persons rights and sense of belonging, and consultant work.

Email: tkk190@student.bham.ac.uk