Pourya Nabipour

The Role of National Identity in Iran’s Nuclear Policy 

Supervisors: Dr Derek Averre and Professor Nicholas Wheeler


  • BA (Universität Trier, Germany)
  • MA (University of Birmingham)

Research interests

  • Iran’s foreign and Security Policy (including Nuclear Policy)
  • Geopolitics of Persian Gulf
  • International Relations (Diplomacy, Nuclear Non Proliferation)


Pourya Nabipour is in the third-year of study as a PhD Candidate at the University of Birmingham in the School of Government. The topic of research is about the analysis of the role of Iran’s national identity in its nuclear policy making and the impacts it has on the nuclear negotiation’s strategy. Pourya holds an MA in International Relations and Diplomacy from the University of Birmingham, and has written various articles in Persian and English, focusing on Iranian foreign policy, the Middle East Security and Non-Proliferation Affairs.

Conference papers

  • 05/2021 Organized And led Online conference “Iran and United States: Can United States and Iran agree on reviving the nuclear deal?” Paper presentation (unpublished): A constructive approach to understanding influence of national identity in Iran’s nuclear policy.
  • 05/2021 Organized Online conference “Sino-Iranian relations: Strategic alliance or a careful shifting calculus for regulating Persian Gulf Dilemma”, Paper presentation (unpublished): China-Iran relation and its significance to the Persian Gulf.
  • 12/2020 “Common Foreign and Security Policy of European Union (CFSP), Middle East and Iran” held by Allameh Tabataba’i University Tehran with the support of EU.


Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › peer-review

Research output: Contribution to specialist publication › Article

Research output conducted in Persian Language: Contribution to specialist publication › Article

  • Nuclear Negotiations, a review of the JCPOA and recommendations for upcoming negotiations, Published in Iranian Diplomacy 03/2021 http://irdiplomacy.ir/fa/news/ فرصت-دادن-به-اروپا-و-آمریکا-دیگر-هیچ-توجیهی-ندارد/ 2001613
  • 21 Century’s Diplomacy: Has digital diplomacy changed the nature of diplomatic relations? Published in Iranian Diplomacy 02/2021 http://irdiplomacy.ir/fa/news/ -آیا-دیپلماسی-دیجیتال-ماهیت-دیپلماسی-را-تغییر-داده-است/ 2000293
  • Tensions in South Korea-Iran relations: Seoul has preferred relations with Arab states to Tehran, Published in Iranian Diplomacy 01/2021 http://irdiplomacy.ir/fa/news/ سئول-کشورهای-عربی-را-به-تهران-ترجیح-داده-است/ 1999399
  • Why do US flying bombers fly over the Persian Gulf: Preparing for a war or a mere deterrence? Published in Iranian Diplomacy 01/2021 http://www.irdiplomacy.ir/fa/news/ تدارک-برای-جنگ-یا-بازدارندگی/ 1999626
  • A country that wants to become a superpower, Implications of China’s rise for Iran, Published in Iranian Diplomacy 01/2021 http://irdiplomacy.ir/fa/news/ پیامدهای-ابرقدرت-شدن-چین-برای-ایران/ 2000043

Contact details:

Email: Pourya.Nabipour@gmail.com