Karma Lama Tamang

lama tamangEthics of Nonviolent Politics - A Critical 21st Century Analysis 

Supervisors: Dr Mark Wenman and Dr Christopher J Finlay

Karma’s doctoral research is about ethics of nonviolent political actions. The project seeks to demonstrate how methods of nonviolent politics share similar morally troubling features with violent political methods. 



BSc (First Class Honours) in Politics and International Relations, University of London, UK
Diplom/Masters in Computer Science, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany

Research interests

  • Democracy 
  • Violence
  • Nonviolence 
  • Power
  • Ethics
Themes that combine politics, technology and innovation (e. g. Cyberwarfare, role of AI in decision-making)


Karma has worked in the industry for around 16 years in different positions such as Software Developer, IT Consultant, Project Manager and Assistant Head of Division. After finishing her BSc in 2015 as a part-time student, following her passion in politics and teaching, she joined University of Birmingham in 2017 to pursue PhD, again as a part-time student.

During her Bachelor, she was awarded University of London Prize for Academic Achievement.

Other activities

Karma is passionate about Nepali politics.


Contact details:

Email: klt710@student.bham.ac.uk
Tel: +4915110770774