Undergraduate study in African Studies and Anthropology

The Department of African Studies and Anthropology offers a distinctive inter-disciplinary learning experience taught by staff from a wide range of academic fields (Anthropology, History, Geography, Politics, Literature, among others). 

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For students with an interest in Anthropology we offer a Joint Honours Anthropology programme, focusing on theories developed by Anthropologists working all over the world, giving you opportunities to do anthropological fieldwork of your own, and training you to become acute observers of the societies around you.

Single Honours courses

African Studies BA

Africa is humankind’s original home; a continent of vast cultural and natural resources.

Whether coping with massive urbanisation, developing new kinds of politics, or inventing original literary and theatrical genres, Africans have been [more...]

African Studies with Development BA

African Studies is a distinctive subject that really helps you to stand out from the crowd, making you an Africa expert as the role of African countries shift - politically, economically and culturally - in a globalised world.

The Departme [more...]

Archaeology and Anthropology BA

Archaeology and Anthropology seek to understand the nature of human societies, the material worlds they inhabit and the extraordinary variety of cultural life over time.

Every aspect of human experience and expression is open to archaeological and [more...]

Joint honours combinations

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