Aelita Galevska

barber-instituteAelita studied MA Art History and Curating from September 2016 to September 2017. In late 2017 she set up her own contemporary jewellery brand, and since March 2018 she has worked at an executive search consultancy alongside this.

“I am certainly feeling more confident and even more organised having completed the MA course. I realised what I am capable of and found out a lot about myself, both in terms of strengths and weaknesses. After reading many books on Art History I found what resonates with me and I continue reading topics I am the most interested in.

“During my placement I had a great time at the New Art Gallery Walsall, helping to promote the People's Choice exhibition. It was a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the gallery's everyday life. I felt my job was important as I helped to communicate information to visitors about the exhibition and encourage them to vote for their favourite work to go on the display. 

“The course empowered me to always keep deadlines in mind and prioritise tasks. I also feel more comfortable communicating and dealing with different people. To sum up, it was an incredible year of self-discovery.”