Alice Benbow

fiction-city-alice-benbowAlice studied the MA Art History and Curating part-time between September 2016 and September 2018. As part of the course she co-curated the exhibition 'More Real Than Life.'

As part of the MA programme, students are offered the opportunity to complete an optional placement, during which they have the opportunity to further develop their practical skills to prepare them for their future careers.

During the course, Alice completed a placement at Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery, during which she was able to develop an exhibition, ‘Fiction City’, which ran for six weeks in spring 2018.

Taking its name from a cityscape which replaces urban landmarks with domestic objects, the exhibition explored the impact that modern cities, and the experience of city life, have upon human relationships. (Image: Fiction City, Plowman, Chris. 1978 ©The Artist)

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