Midlands Art Papers 3 (2019/20)

Special Issue: Inclusion, Disability and Access in the Arts

Midlands Art Papers is a collaborative online journal, working between the University of Birmingham and 13 partner institutions to research and explore the world class works of art and design in public collections across the Midlands.  

Editorial: Finding the right words. Scholarships

Midlands Art Papers Editor Sophie Hatchwell introduces this Special Issue on Inclusion, Disability and Access in the Arts, with help from arts practitioners and gallery and museum officers, including Kate DeRight, Mike Layward and Natalie Osbourne.

Midlands Arts Trail: Inclusion in the Arts Scholarships

For our special issue we have created an arts trail, themed on inclusion, in partnership with 13 galleries across the midlands. This trail will take you on a journey exploring how race, gender and disability are represented in our regional public collections

In Conversation: Sensory Play and Learning in the Gallery Scholarships

Learning Officer Lisa Ford discusses how sensory play activities at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum help young gallery visitors engage with art collections in a way that is hands-on, imaginative, meaningful to them, and beneficial for childhood development.

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