Digital First

The University of Birmingham’s Languages for All Team have been working hard to design a new and exciting Digital First framework for all levels of Portuguese (Level 1 and 2), which we look forward to delivering in September 2022. 

Our Digital First Portuguese course will initially be running as a pilot throughout 2022/2023. 

We hope to offer more languages in the Digital First format in 2023/2024.

What is the Digital First framework? 

Our Digital First framework puts digital at the heart of language learning. Driven by research and evidence-based practice, we have created a unique and modern language learning experience that effectively incorporates an array of digital tools and platforms, including a tailor-made website. 

Why are you introducing a Digital First framework? 

Interactive, flexible, digital language learning has been in increased demand in recent years, with steep market growth. As always, the University of Birmingham is at the forefront of advancing its teaching and learning, by combining tradition and experience with cutting-edge research. 

How does it work? 

Week-by-week, you’ll engage with carefully planned interactive activities that support active language learning at times that suit you, while also being supported by your tutor and peers along the way. 

Alongside the digitised course, you will also benefit from weekly one-hour face-to-face sessions, with focussed support for speaking in the target language to bring your newly acquired skills to life.  

What if I’m not digitally-savvy? 

We have designed our Digital First course with accessibility and useability in mind. It is suitable for all digital abilities and rest assured you will be carefully guided on how to work through all aspects of the course. Your tutor will also be happy to help with any queries you may have.   

How do I apply? 

If you are eligible to take a language as an Optional Module or as part of our Free Language Course scheme we invite you to join our Digital First Portuguese course and become one of the first to enter a new era of language learning at the University of Birmingham.