Institution Wide Language Programme (IWLP)

The information on IWLP modules is currently being updated and more details will follow as soon as possible.

A limited number of accredited  IWLP modules will be offered in academic year 2020-21. Students who are interested in following an IWLP module, are advised to check with their  home school/department whether it is offered within their chosen degree programmes. 

Languages for All offers courses in a wide range of modern languages as part of its Institution Wide Language Programme (IWLP). We provide high quality courses for students, staff and the general public.

A canal in Venice

Routes to study

  • Widening Horizons/Modules Outside the Main Discipline (MOMD) - for undergraduates who are eligible to take a 20-credit language module as part of their degree
  • Free courses - available to full time, campus based undergraduate students who are not taking a language as a Widening Horizons module or MOMD (limited availability)
  • Open Access (OA) - available for all who wish to secure a place on a Languages for All course on an extra-curricular basis
  • Online courses - available for French Level 3 and 4 as an MOMD, Free or OA course

The main aims of the courses are to develop the ability to use the chosen language effectively for the purpose of practical oral and written communication, and to provide insights into the culture and civilisation of the country whose language is being studied

General Overview of IWLP Levels

Each course has 40 contact hours / 20 weeks and bears 20 credits


UK Qualification
(at entry to course)

Common European Framework
(at completion of course –realistic level)

MOMD credits awarded at

Open Access Availability

Level 1




Level C

Level C

Level 2

Near Beginner

 Weak GCSE pass


Level I

Level C

Level 3

Lower Intermediate

GCSE Grade A/B


Level H (C&I)

Level C

Level 4 Intermediate

GCSE grade A*

Weak AS pass


Level H (C&I)

Level C


Higher Intermediate

AS level

grade A/B


Level H (C&I)

Level C

Level 6 Advanced

A level

IB Higher


Level H (C&I)

Level C

Level 7

Post Advanced

 Post A-level study

B2.1 working towards C1 in certain skills

Level H (C&I)

Level C

Level 8



B2.2/C1 in speaking

Level H (C&I)

Level C

Language Project


B2 >

Level H (C&I)

Not offered

Tandem Learning


B1 – C2

Level H (C&I)

Not offered

  • Please note that some courses might not be offered every year and some  languages are not available at all levels.
  • We are constantly review our programme so some courses may be dropped and new ones offered in their place.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a class if there are insufficient enrolments.
  • The standard ‘University hour’ is currently set at 50 minutes.