Language for All Courses

Languages for All offers courses in a wide range of modern languages as part of its Institution Wide Language Programme (IWLP). We provide high quality courses for students and staff.

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The main aims of the courses are to develop the ability to use the chosen language effectively for the purpose of practical oral and written communication, and to provide insights into the culture and civilisation of the country whose language is being studied.

Whether you are a beginner or wish to brush up on your existing knowledge, learning a language can be fun, rewarding and enhances your career prospects.

Language course options:

You can study a language as…

credit-bearing module (optional or compulsory) -- for undergraduate students who are eligible to take an optional or compulsory 20-credit language module as part of their degree.

A Free Language course (FLC-- priority given to full time, campus-based undergraduate students who are not taking a language as an credit-bearing module. Also available for campus-based postgraduate students and UoB staff where availability permits.

General overview of language levels

IWLP Levels
GradeSuitable for students who have…Common European Framework
(at completion of course)

Level 1

No previous knowledge


Level 2
Near Beginner

Previous Level 1; 50 hours tuition

or rusty GCSE

or lower A1 study


Level 3
Lower Intermediate

Previous Level 2; 100 hours tuition


or completed A1 level


Level 4

Previous Level 3

or good GCSE

or lower A2 study


Level 5
Higher Intermediate

Previous Level 4

or GCSE plus 1 year

or completed A2 level


Level 6

Previous Level 5

or recent A level

or lower B1 level study


Level 7
Post Advanced

Previous Level 6

or post A-level study

or completed B1 level

B2.1 working towards C1 in certain skills

Level 8 


Previous Level 7

or HE level study

or lower B2 to C1 study

B2.2/C1 in certain skills

Language* Project



Tandem* Learning


B1 – C2

* These modules can only be taken as a credit-bearing module as part of your programme of study. They are not available as part of our Free Language Course scheme.