Undergraduate scholarships and prizes

At Birmingham we ensure that fears about finance do not constrain prospective students from considering university and that excellence is rewarded. The University offers a range of additional financial support for students studying at Birmingham in the form of bursaries, grants and scholarships.

Mathematics Scholarships (open to UK/EU students)

All students entering the School of Mathematics in 2020, who achieve the grades below and put Mathematics at Birmingham as their Firm choice will receive either £1000 or £1500. This scholarship is available to all students on Mathematics programmes which are administered by the School of Mathematics.

George Watson Scholar Award

  • £1000
  • A-level - A*A* in Mathematics and another subject (excluding General Studies)
  • International Baccalaureate - 40 points with 7 HL in Mathematics

Mathematics Excellence Award 

  • £1500
  • A-level - A*A*A* in Mathematics and 2 other subjects (excluding General Studies)
  • International Baccalaureate - 40 points with 7 HL in Mathematics and another HL subject

International Mathematics Scholarships (open to International students)

School Scholarships

The School of Mathematics offers scholarships to international students applying for undergraduate programmes whose fees are not wholly paid by a sponsoring body. These are worth between £1,500 and £2,000.

 Amount awardedGrade Criteria
Achievement Scholarship


A Levels: A*AA

IB: 7, 6, 6 from Higher Levels

HKDSE: 5*, 5, 5

Indian Standard XII: A* subject: 90% ISC, CBSE, Maharashtra; or 85% West Bengal, 95% Other State boards Plus Overall: 85% ISC, CBSE, Maharashtra; or 80% West Bengal; or 90% Other State board

American system: Please see our USA undergraduate entry requirements for A Level equivalencies.

Excellence Scholarship £2,000

A Levels: A*A*A*

IB: 7, 7, 7 from Higher Levels

HKDSE: 5*, 5*, 5*

Indian Standard XII: Overall: 90% ISC, CBSE, Maharashtra; or 85% West Bengal, 95% Other State boards 

American system: Please see our USA undergraduate entry requirements for A Level equivalencies.

For other equivalencies, please see our webpages specific to your country.

A wide range of international qualifications will be considered - please contact the Admissions Tutor to find out the criteria that would apply in each case. Full terms and conditions are posted below.

  • To be eligible for the award the University of Birmingham must be your firm choice on UCAS. Awards will be made to students commencing any programme offered by the School.
  • To retain the Achievement Scholarship, students must continue to perform at 2:1 level – ie they must achieve an average mark of at least 60% at the end of each year.
  • The Excellence Scholarship is awarded for first year only, and is replaced by the Achievement Scholarship in Year 2 and Year 3, subject to above stated marks.
  • There is no special application process – the awards will be made automatically to all eligible students admitted to the School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham who apply by the end of September to commence their studies in the September/October of their year of entry.
  • Students who are in receipt of support from other funding bodies which wholly cover their tuition fees are not eligible for any of the awards. Students in receipt of part-funding should contact the admissions tutor to check their eligibility.

International students may also be eligible for consideration for the "Mathematics Prizes" listed below – please see individual prize information for eligibility criteria.

BP Scholarships (open to UK/EU and International students)

Launched in 2012, the BP Scholarships are intended to encourage and support students with a passion for certain STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects. 

BP will offer scholarships to up to 10 students from the University of Birmingham for 2018. Each scholarship is worth up to £9,000, with scholars receiving £3,000 from their second year for the duration of their degree (up to four years). The scholarship is not intended to cover fees but offer students support with the costs of resources and living.

Learn more about the BP scholarships and eligible subjects.

Mathematics Prizes

The School of Mathematics attracts and retains excellent students in Mathematics, but this is not the end point. We recognise that young people change when they move away to University. Therefore the School offers a number of prizes and awards (£250-£500 each) during our programmes to recognise promising and distinguished students.

In addition, the University has in its gift a number of scholarships for second and subsequent year students for which the School can make nominations (in competition with nominees from other Schools in the Science/Engineering group).

The Corbett Prize
Awarded to the most promising and distinguished third and fourth year student (one for each year) reading for a Single Honours degree in the School of Mathematics and for the Joint Honours degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

The Calderwood Prize
Awarded to the student who is most distinguished in algebra at the end of the first year. It is open equally to students reading for a Single Honours degree in the School of Mathematics or for a degree in which mathematics is combined with another subject. The prize is provided from subscriptions made by past students and colleagues to acknowledge the service to the University of the late Dr Nora Calderwood, Lecturer in the Department of Pure Mathematics from 1920 to 1963.

The Allied Maples Prize in Industrial Mathematics
Provided by Allied Maples Ltd. It is awarded annually to a third or fourth year undergraduate in the School of Mathematics for meritorious and promising work in the field of industrial or commercially applicable Mathematics.

The Andrew King Prize
Awarded for outstanding performance in Applied Mathematics by a student sitting their final year of a programme in Mathematics (single honours, joint honours or major/minor) run by the School of Mathematics or successor school. In the case of distinction needing to be made between third and fourth year students, or in any similar situation, priority should be given to the student who has been examined at the more advanced level. The prize is founded in memory of the late Professor Andrew King, who was a Professor in Applied Mathematics.

The Austin Prize
Awarded to a Single Honours student of high merit in the School of Mathematics at the final honours examination for the BSc, BA or MSci degrees. The recipient of a Corbett prize is not eligible for this award and it will normally be given to a student who has shown distinction in Pure Mathematics. The prize was founded in memory of the late W H Austin MA, lecturer in Mathematics.

The Frank Downton Prize
Awarded to a final year student in the School of Mathematics for an outstanding performance in project or practical work in Statistics. It is provided from contributions made by friends, colleagues and former students in memory of Professor Frank Downton, Professor of Statistics 1970-1984, and in recognition of his distinguished service to the University and his many contributions to statistical science.

The Kuttner Prize
Awarded to the Single Honours student in the School of Mathematics who, in the final Honours examination for the BSc or MSci degrees, returns the best performance in Mathematical Analysis. The prize is provided from contributions made by friends, colleagues and former students to acknowledge the long and distinguished association with the Department of Pure Mathematics of the late Professor Brian Kuttner, Professor of Mathematical Analysis 1969-1975 and a member of the academic staff from 1932.

The James Mann Prize
Awarded to the student with the best fourth year applied project (open to those students doing a project supervised by a member of the Applied Mathematics staff) on the recommendation of the head of group in consultation with the external examiner provided there is a project of sufficient merit. James Mann was a gifted undergraduate and postgraduate who died from leukemia during his PhD studies. This prize is founded in memory of his talent for research, his analytical skills and positive attitude

The IMA Prizes
Awarded to the best two graduating Single Honours students in the School of Mathematics.

John Avins Scholarship
Awarded to undergraduate students on first and second year in the Science Schools who have attended a secondary school in Birmingham.

Additional Bursaries

In addition to the statutory support that is available, as a full-time undergraduate you may also be eligible to receive additional scholarships or bursaries, depending on your financial circumstances, previous academic achievement, or the course you are undertaking.

Chamberlain Award
If your household income is below £36,000 you will be entitled to additional financial support from the University in the form of a Chamberlain Award.

Music Scholarships
In recognition of the role that music plays within the University, we offer a number of Music Scholarships each year. These scholarships are open to prospective students who have achieved grade 8 standard in an instrument or vocals and have an offer of a place on a full-time undergraduate programme (other than a programme offered by the Music Department) at the University of Birmingham.

Sports scholarships
The University is rated amongst the very best in the country for sport and this status is reflected in the wide range of sports scholarships that we offer. Our flagship scheme, called the UBsport scholarships, offers awards from £3,500 up to £6,000 separated into bronze, silver and gold categories according to the level at which you are competing.

University scholarships

Please see the University's funding database for details of other centrally-administered scholarships.