Our programmes have been designed to support you develop the range of professional skills that employers expect of mathematics graduates.

Mathematics students at the University of Birmingham come from a wide variety of backgrounds and go into an equally diverse range of careers – there are very few jobs that a mathematics graduate cannot do. Mathematics graduates go into the financial sector, for example accountancy, actuarial work, management consulting and banking, and some go into more general areas of business and management. You could also work in areas of industry where mathematics is applied, or in information technology. Alternatively, you may want to use your degree as a springboard to other study. Many graduates go on to do a postgraduate teacher training course, or study for an MSc or PhD in a variety of subjects.

“After my second year during the summer I completed an actuarial internship. I found out about the opportunity by attending the annual Mathematics Careers Fair. The problem-solving and teamwork skills I developed in the Mathematical Modelling and Problem Solving, and Maths in Industry modules helped me both when applying for this internship as I had lots of examples to draw upon at interview, as well as when completing the tasks on my internship, as I was able to approach difficult tasks and present my ideas with more confidence. As a result of this internship, I have been offered a Trainee Actuary Role with the same company after I graduate.”

Hannah Smithson, BSc Mathematics

Developing your skills

We embed key skills development in our teaching to ensure that you are being prepared for life after study right from the start.

  • Teaching. We offer modules designed to develop your transferable skills, such as Maths in Industry and Mathematical Modelling and Problem Solving for our single honours students. With engagement from industry, you work in teams to solve real-world problems, just like you would be expected to do in the workplace. In your later years you have a wide breadth of modules to choose from so you can tailor your degree for your specific aims, whether that’s industry, business or further education.
  • Programme Flexibility. We support you in gaining work experience whilst you’re a student, with opportunities to add a Year in Industry to your degree. Alternatively, you might decide that an International Year will help you develop your skills, or you want to add an intercalated year in Computer Science to your degree. You can choose these options after your degree has started, so you don’t need to decide right away. If you already know your area of interest you might want to choose one of the joint honours programmes we offer with other subjects, to gain knowledge across two subject areas.
  • Support in School. Together with the University’s Careers Network service, the School of Mathematics provides a structured programme to support you in your career planning. Whether this is mathematics-specific careers fairs, employer-led workshops or advice from our staff, you will benefit from a range of activities, designed to increase your personal development.

Find out more about how our programmes prepare you for the workplace on our course webpages.

Life after university

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