Research and your degree

The School has a strong international research profile and world-leading research groups in many key areas of mathematics. 

Our research expertise in both Pure and Applied Mathematics informs our teaching and ensures that the modules we offer are exciting, relevant and up to date. You will gain research experience in the third year of your undergraduate degree, where you will undertake a 20-credit research project. If you choose to study an MSci programme then developing a 40-credit dissertation will be a major part of your fourth year.

After finishing my MSci in Mathematics at the University of Birmingham, I was delighted at the opportunity to continue on and do a PhD here. As an undergraduate, I was offered the chance to take a variety of courses in pure mathematics, all of which have provided me with the background needed for my current research.

Amarja Kathapurkar, MSci Mathematics graduate and PhD student in Pure Mathematics
Mathematics student Amarja


What is Pure Mathematics?

Pure mathematics is the rigorous study of mathematical structures, aiming to uncover independent mathematical truths. The many extensive applications of pure mathematics underpin a great deal of our modern way of living and continue to play a vital role in future scientific and technological development.

At Birmingham, we have active research groups in five key areas of Pure Mathematics:

  • Algebra
  • Analysis
  • Combinatorics, Probability and Algorithms
  • Geometry and Mathematical Physics
  • Topology and Dynamics

What is Applied Mathematics?

Applied Mathematics puts the use of innovative mathematics to solve real-world problems at the heart of its research. The group at Birmingham is internationally recognised for its world-leading research and has collaborations with industry, healthcare and many other areas of science and engineering.

We have active research groups specialising in the following areas:

  • Continuum Mechanics
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Non-linear Systems
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Optimisation

Find out more about research in the School of Maths by visiting our research group webpages.