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Study Mathematics at the University of Birmingham

Guardian top ten

The School of Mathematics is consistently ranked in the top 10 amongst Mathematics departments in the United Kingdom. Our teaching is backed up by ground breaking research in many areas of mathematics, such as fluid dynamics, analysis and group theory. At Birmingham, you will be taught by academics who are global experts in their fields. You will benefit from their varied research interests, which influence the programmes they teach.

Studying mathematics will allow you to acquire a broad range of skills, such as logical thinking and problem solving. These will help you in your academic life, and as you progress in your future career. You will be able to see how mathematics touches our everyday lives by playing a key role in engineering, biology, management, economics, medicine and the social and behavioural sciences.

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Foundation programme

Excellent career prospects

Mathematics students at the University of Birmingham come from a wide variety of backgrounds and go into an equally diverse range of careers – there are very few jobs that a mathematics graduate cannot do. Mathematics graduates go into the financial sector, for example accountancy, actuarial work, management consulting and banking, and some go into more general areas of business and management. You could also work in areas of industry where mathematics is applied, or in information technology. Alternatively you may want to use your degree as a springboard to other study. Many graduates go on to do a postgraduate teacher training course, or study for an MSc or PhD in a variety of subjects.

Collaborative Teaching Laboratory

The Collaborative Teaching Laboratory (CTL), planned to open in 2018/19, will become a hub for science & engineering teaching, with multifunctional labs suitable for subject-specific and cross-disciplinary teaching and team working.