About us

The West Midlands is the second most diverse region in the UK in terms of cultural, socio-economic and health and social care needs. It is home to an emergent palliative care research community of academics, clinicians and services users with complex palliative health and social care needs.

We now seek to better coordinate our collective efforts and build an interdisciplinary, multi-agency research partnership that brings us together to increase patient and staff benefit through the establishment and growth of partnerships and collaborations in palliative care research

BRHUmB will become the central hub in the West Midlands in which we can coordinate a programme of partnership activities that will embed key research networks and ensure research capacity in palliative care is able to meet the changing and diverse demands of its population.

"It is time to work together to provide an integrated system of investigation and better palliative care."

"There are excellent local practices but a fundamental gap is the lack of high-quality research to evidence the impact on patient benefit or service development - BRHumB provides a central hub to support research and help develop a robust evidence base."

"BRHUmB draws on the different professional disciplines and clinical areas to reflect the inter-disciplinary nature and multi-agency partnerships needed to offer high quality research and an integrated approach to palliative care." 

What can BRHumB offer?

The core research team represent academia, hospice, hospitals, primary care, community and social care practitioners with professional representation of doctors, nurses, social work and sociology. BRHUmB core and affiliated membership is open to all stakeholders in palliative care as we recognise the importance of moving beyond a narrow focus on ‘medics’, ‘academics’ or ‘hospices services’. If we do not work as a collaborative partnership, we risk working in unsustainable silos that do not enable the growth of networks that will lead to high quality research.

Academic Buddying

Our core research team can offer academic buddying whether this be advising on a service evaluation or student project to developing your large research grant. We look forward to discussing your ideas and projects and collaborating so get in touch.

Patient and Public Involvement

We have a PPI group that can help support your research design and delivery.  Are you interested in being one of our patient/public representatives? We will look to recruit people with a range of experiences and diverse health and social needs, different cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and people from regions of the West Midlands, please get in touch if you are interested.


Events, seminars, BRHUmB forums (every 8 weeks). Watch this space and register your interest.