Our research


Funded by the NIHR, the aim of BRHUmB’s programme of partnership work is to strengthen emergent palliative research networks and embed a culture of high-quality palliative care research and provision across healthcare services in the West Midlands.

This will help us to better investigate palliative care within the region and provide a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency approach to providing evidence based palliative care that will produce recommendations to benefit people across the country. The partnership will enable more impactful research that can direct improvements in palliative care; without it change will continue to be reactive, localised, and unsustainable. In the short term BRHUmB will co-produce and develop an inter-professional and multi-agency ‘hub’ within the West Midlands focused on managing palliative care crisis and ultimately improving supportive, palliative and end of life care. The hub will improve the efficiency of working through the collaboration with health and social care, identification of priorities for palliative care research and co-produce research. The hub will provide a point of access for research connections, disseminations and a central platform to ensure collaborative and effective palliative care research.    

Current projects:

Bailey C (PI)  BRHUmB: Building a Research Hub for Palliative Care in Birmingham and the West Midlands, (NIHR) 2022-23

Bailey C (PI) Guo P, MacArtney PPCE C19 Preferred place of care during covid 19 and impact of decision making amongst patients. (Marie Curie) 2021-22

Bailey C (PI) Guo P, MacArtney ICES C19 Informal carers experiences of covid-19 (Marie Curie) 2021-22

Guo P (PI) and Bailey C et al Improving person-centred nurse-led care for primary care patients with progressive multimorbid illness (Burdett Trust for Nursing) 2022-2023

Riley R, Hewison A (CI) et al   Identifying the impact of a colleague’s suicide on NHS staff, and their support needs, to inform postvention guidance (NIHR RfPB) 2020-2022

Al-Janabi H. and  Efstathiou  N Techniques to include carers' quality of life in economic evaluation (Funded by NIHR)

Downar J and Efstathiou N ICU BEREAVE feasibility study (Funded by Ottawa Hospital charitable fund)

Bailey C (PI), Burt R, Arif A, MaCartney J, Young A. REPliCA: Reasons for Emergency Palliative Care Admissions 2018-2021