About the Risk, Abuse and Violence Research Programme


Our aim is to undertake research and scholarly activity that makes a significant contribution to the evidence base in relation understanding the associated factors and impacts of risk, abuse and violence. Most RAV research takes an up-stream approach to understanding risk, abuse and violence, with the aim of impacting on policies, practices and education.

RAV was formally established in September 2016, building on considerable international research undertaken by core members in preceding years.

Our vision was that RAV would provide structure and identity to the risk, abuse and violence research activities in the School of Nursing at University of Birmingham. Since then, we have grown capacity and reach and have established a critical mass within the RAV programme. The RAV programme now has a strong international reputation for high quality research and associated educational provision in risk, abuse and violence.

We are proud of the interdisciplinary nature of RAV research, with links across the Centre for Crime Justice and Policing, The Institute for Advanced Studies/Institute for Global Innovation, Institute for Mental Health and Institute for Super Diversity. Most RAV research is with partners external to University of Birmingham and this is reflected in our membership. Importantly, we also have significant international collaborations; an essential requirement in tackling a problem with the magnitude of risk, abuse and violence. In line with its aim, RAV research has impacted on relevant policies, practices and education in the UK and internationally.