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We are currently undertaking a wide range of research projects with national and international partners. Many RAV projects focus on the intersection of violence, abuse, mental health, disability and gender

Violence in acute medical units and emergency departments (VoicED)

Key people: Dr Nutmeg Hallett

Violence is a significant problem in Emergency Departments (EDs) but little is known about violence in Acute Medical Units (AMUs). AMUs provide the bridge between EDs and hospital admission. Using published evidence, alongside examination of hospital data and primary data collection, we are exploring violence risk and the tools used to predict it along emergency care pathways (ED and AMU). Identifying the potential risk factors for workplace violence in AMUs will address a significant gap in the provision of useful evidence. Synthesis of information about risk in the AMU with what is known about antecedents to workplace violence in ED is enabling us to identify, and develop or modify as necessary, the best tool to predict violence across emergency care pathways. We will compliment this with a decision-tree detailing that steps that nurses can take to prevent predicted violence.