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We are currently undertaking a wide range of research projects with national and international partners. Many RAV projects focus on the intersection of violence, abuse, mental health, disability and gender

Postgraduate students

Khadijah Alshawoush

Program/Department: PhD in nursing/MDS

Project Title: Nurse interns experience of workplace violence during the internship programme enrolment in internship programme

Methods of Study: A convergent mixed-methods design was used that comprised a cross sectional survey and semi-structured interview. Integration of data from both strands took place at the inference stage and are presented in a joint display. SPSS was used to analyse quantitative data and thematic analysis for qualitative data. The Good Reporting of a Mixed Methods Study (GRAMMS) guidelines guide the reporting of this study.

Purpose of the Study: Workplace violence is a problem. It can have serious, negative consequences for nurses themselves, patients, and organisations. Nurse interns' experiences of workplace violence during their transition and enrolment in one-year internship programmes and the support they receive from these programmes during their experience of violence is inadequately researched.