Equality and Diversity

Equality and diversity is a core principle both within the School of Physics and Astronomy, and the University of Birmingham at large. A dedicated and continuous effort is being made to actively identify and address issues of inequity within the school. If you have either experienced or witnessed harassment within the school, please read the Get help section of this site for available options.

In June of 2014, the School of Physics and Astronomy became the tenth Institute of Physics Juno Champion. The goal of the Juno initiative is to address gender equality in physics and to encourage better practice for all staff, while also working towards developing an equitable working culture in which all students and staff can achieve their full potential. The impact of the school's campaign was described aptly:

Professor Andy Schofield

former head of School of Physics and Astronomy

“The Juno process has been transformative for the School of Physics and Astronomy over the past few years. It has made a tangible and very positive difference to the way we think about all aspects of School life.”

Juno-awardThe school is currently in the process of renewing its Juno Champion status. This site provides details on the ongoing equality and diversity efforts of the school; contact information is given under Meet the Committee, resources on how to activily promote equality and diversity are listed in Get involved, and upcoming news and events are highlighted in News and events.

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