New international network and website dedicated to the subject of family members and addiction

Alex CopelloThe newly established Addiction and the Family International Network (AFINet) will build upon the work of the Addiction, Drugs and the Family (ADF UK) group to create a global membership network. ADF UK consists of a number of academics/clinicians who collaborate on undertaking research in this field and in attempting to  raise the profile of this neglected area of research and practice. The founding members of AFINet are Alex Copello, Akanidomo Ibanga, Jim Orford, Lorna Templeton and Richard Velleman, although many other UK-based and international colleagues have participated in and made significant contributions to the group’s research over the years.

Jim OrfordThe five core aims at the centre of the AFINet philosophy are:

  • To disseminate internationally a non-pathological, family member-centred model of the circumstances and needs of family members affected by their relatives’ addictions.
  • To promote research about the experiences of family members affected by their relatives’ addictions around the world
  • To promote good, evidence-based prevention and treatment practice relevant to the needs of affected family members
  • To advocate with policy makers, including international organisations and national governments, for greater awareness of the circumstances and needs of family members affected by their relatives’ addictions and for better services for them
  • To raise awareness at a global level of the needs of families affected by addiction

Laura NiceThe AFINet website will sit firmly at the core of the new organisation, where it will serve as a virtual hub for promoting the group's key aims and facilitate lively and engaging international communication.   

Website: For further information please contact Laura Nice, Doctoral Researcher, School of Psychology: